The founders of CinderBird enjoying coffee together on the tailgate

Hey, Bird!

We're Ben & Karie, founders of CinderBird.



Ben's first word was "outside" (though he pronounced it ow-si) and while most of his friends growing up were playing video games, he was out fishing and exploring. Today he still loves being outside and can often be found foraging for mushrooms in the PNW.

Benjamin, CinderBird co-founder
Karie, co-founder of CinderBird


Karie's childhood activities included catching snakes, climbing trees, and washing her hands with witch's butter. She has always been fascinated by the magic of nature and loves nothing more than sipping coffee with an epic view.

Why we're here

Inspired by our travels and outdoor adventures we developed a convenient, on-the-go beverage to make getting out into nature one small step easier while helping fuel you for the next switchback. At CinderBird it's our goal to inspire folks to get up, get out, and go exploring. There is so much to see and so little time to see it!