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Plant-powered instant lattes

Make coffee anywhere in seconds. No fancy gear needed.


I was having a bad day and your bevvy seriously made me chill the f*ck out!

Julie F.

I love the mouthfeel. The sweetness is just enough that it tantalizes.

Maggie R.

I am pleasantly surprised by how energized I feel now!

Dean K.

It helps me face the elevator chit chat and grocery store mob. What's not to like?

Annie B.

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Hojicha Latte
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on-the-go fuel

It's gonna be a good day.

Creamy mushroom lattes that are ready as fast as you can heat up water.

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What's In A Latte?

All of our lattes are made with instant coffee & tea, plant-based milks, MCT oil, and functional mushrooms grown right here in the US.

Gluten Free

100% Vegan

U.S. Mushrooms

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