Cherry Blossom Matcha Latte

Cherry blossom matcha latte in a glass mug

During the short window that cherry blossoms are in bloom in the early spring, we love to take advantage of their beautiful, delicate flavor. Their subtle floral notes pair perfectly with matcha in this vegan latte that's easy to make.

For a simple way to infuse the flavor of cherry blossoms into this drink, steep cleaned cherry blossom flowers into oat milk for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator. Then, strain out the flowers and warm and froth the milk for the ultimate springtime latte!

Be sure to do your research to properly identify cherry blossoms. You can find them growing abundantly in many city and rural landscapes in the spring. To use the flowers, remove the petals from the stems. You want to avoid as much of the green stems as possible, using only the delicate petals.


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