13 Rad Gifts for Adventure Lovers Under $150

Woman looking over Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

Looking for gift ideas for the adventurer in your life? It’s that time of year again where we’re all scrambling for the best ideas to put smiles on the faces of our favorite people. If you’re feeling stumped about what to buy for an outdoorsy person, we’ve got you covered.

People who love to spend their time in the wilderness are always looking for new gear that makes it easier for them to go on adventures. We put together a succinct list of 13 affordable gifts that do just that. Every item on this list is something we either actively use and love or a super cool product that’s literally on our own personal wish list. 

So, if you have an outdoorsy person in your life, here’s 11 ideas for gifts that they’ll actually use.

1. Grayl Water Purifier

Woman filling a Grayl water filter in a beautiful river

Finally, a water purifier that’s actually easy to use! The Grayl water filtration system doesn’t require any setup, it makes 24 ounces of clean drinking water in less than ten seconds, and it carries just like a water bottle.

The Grayl filter removes waterborne pathogens and filters particulates, to make the world’s sketchiest freshwater sources clean. Plus, it has a special one-way valve that allows you to add electrolytes and powdered drink mixes without ruining the filter.

To use it, all you have to do is fill up the reservoir, place the filter into it, and press down slowly until it goes down all the way. No more worrying about packing enough water for your adventures!

The Grayl GeoPress is truly the best water purifier we’ve ever used and anyone who loves hiking, camping, and/or fishing would be thrilled to have it. The 24 ounce GeoPress goes for just under $100 and the smaller 16.9 ounce UltraPress sells for $90.

2. JetBoil Camping Stove

A JetBoil camping stove steaming in the mountains

Image source: Jetboil

One of the most trusted brands in camp stoves and the outdoor space more broadly is JetBoil. If you have an outdoorsy person in your family, there is a good chance they know Jetboil. From basic car camping to climbing mountain peaks, they have options for every adventure.

Designed to be packable, lightweight and extremely efficient there is a Jetboil stove for every type of adventure. Check out their super versatile Flash cooking system for your secret santa this year! At $124.95 this little gadget is well worth the price!

3. CinderBird Instant Latte 

Hand holding a CinderBird Matcha Latte outside

Every adventure lover will agree that the most enjoyable moment at camp is sipping your morning coffee or tea before the day’s adventure begins. However, there are a lot of less-than-ideal ways to brew. We got tired of settling for stale instant coffee, choking down gritty cowboy coffee, and lugging around a bulky french press. So we made a better way!  

CinderBird Instant Lattes were designed with adventurers in mind. All you need to do is add hot water – making them quick, convenient, and painless to whip up in the outdoors. The lattes include health-promoting ingredients like MCT oil, functional mushrooms, and plant-based milks to give an extra boost to those living active lifestyles.

These on-the-go beverages provide the convenience of instant coffee with the flavor quality of a creamy, complex latte. Just add a single serving of powder to your favorite coffee mug, mix with hot water, and enjoy. No steeping and no cleanup necessary! 

Our Instant Lattes currently come in four flavors (Coffee, Mocha, Matcha, and Hoicha) and make a great gift. At $25 per bag, you might want to grab a flavor for all your favorite outdoorsy friends! 

4. Black Diamond Headlamp

Black Diamond Headlamp

Image source: Black Diamond

Another super trusted name in the outdoor space is Black Diamond, well known for making a variety of durable outdoor gear ranging from apparel to tents. Their comfortable and effective headlamps definitely won't let you down. An outdoorsy person can never have too many headlamps!

The Spot 400 headlamp is waterproof and rechargeable with a long lasting battery, both important features when you are relying on your gear to get you through your adventures. They are also a perfect size for stockings. At $64.99 when last priced this item might just be one of the best deals on this list!

5. Rumpl Blanket 

A tent bed set up with a Rumpl blanket

Anyone who is frequently camping and traveling needs a good, packable blanket. Rumpl makes blankets that are not only comfy and warm, but made in a variety of delightful patterns that will put a smile on your face.

Rumpl makes their blankets with durable and water-resistant recycled material that can withstand the elements. They’re designed to be portable and packable, and they’re machine washable for easy cleaning. As a bonus, they even have a cape clip so you can wear them hands-free while you get your coffee water boiling.

The Original Puffy Blanket costs $125, but they also carry different varieties of blankets, from sherpa to Merino wool to ultralight travel blankets. The Rumpl online store is a great place to buy gifts for outdoorsy people. 

6. Power Bank

Super rugged power bank by Poseidon Pro

Image source: Poseidon Pro

As much as we try and leave our tech behind when we go adventure into the wild, some can be nice to have. From GPS and maps on our phones to our headlamps, flashlights and lanterns. So having a compact and dependable power bank should be part of anyone's essential camp kit.

Power banks range in size, features, and price so let’s clear the field a bit and look at a solid all-around option that also makes a great gift. The Poseidon Pro by Dark Energy combines all the best features of a solid power bank and then takes it up a notch making it rugged as hell. If you want the security of knowing you’ll be able to use your gadgets in the elements without fail this one's for you. Currently priced at $119.99 it's a small price to pay for a lot of security!

7. Heather's Choice Dehydrated Backpacking Meals

Backpacking meals from Heather's Choice

Image source: Heather's Choice

Now a slight departure from gear but still very important, especially if you are someone who goes way off grid or simply likes to make things easier at camp. Dehydrated meals from Heather's Choice are an excellent option. With a large variety of breakfasts, dinners and other snacks, Heather's Choice offers a little culinary pizazz to what often can be very simple and boring meals. Plus, they're gluten free, a huge relief for adventurers with allergies! 

Giving the gift of a backpacking meal to your outdoorsy friend will definitely be well received. Maybe even get one for yourself while you're at it. Some of the offerings range from Grass-Fed Bison Chili to Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowder. Meals range from $8.95 - $15.95.

8. Nice Camp Cookware 

A steaming pot of food cooking on a camp stove

Cooking in the woods is one of the most fun parts about camping, but it can be notoriously difficult without the tools you’re used to at home. Every camp chef needs a few good pans, and a nonstick skillet is an absolute must. They make it easier to cook and clean infamously sticky foods like eggs, potatoes, and pancakes.

One great option is the Gourmet Frypan from GSI. This frypan offers excellent food release, easy cleanup, and a folding handle, which provides a stable grip that conveniently folds into the pan for easy storage and transport. It comes in two sizes and currently ranges from $35 - $39.

Another excellent camping nonstick is the Ceramic Skillet by MSR. The aluminum core keeps the pan lightweight and quick to heat over any heat source, just like the finest gourmet pans. The ceramic coating is also PFTE- and PFOA-free for worry-free nonstick cooking that’s safe at high heat. This 8-inch pan currently goes for $59.

9. LMNT Electrolyte Mix 

LMNT electrolyte mix

Image source: LMNT

Looking for a stocking stuffer that will actually get used? Throw in a few packages of LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix. Everyone needs their electrolytes, but especially those with active lifestyles. LMNT’s drink mixes come in a fun variety of delicious flavors that are all paleo and keto-friendly with zero added sugar.

We like them for their clean ingredient list, convenient single-serving packets, and their plethora of flavor offerings. Also, their blends can be added to water, smoothies, coffee or tea. We’re especially fond of adding their unflavored or chocolate salt to our instant latte. You can buy 30 packs from their website for $45.

10. Kershaw Knife

Kershaw knives in a stump

Image source: Kershaw

When it comes to utility and necessity, a good knife is probably one of the most important pieces of outdoor gear anyone can own. The options for a solid pocket knife are almost limitless and the price range can be pretty dramatic.

However, if you need a blade for everything from carving wood to prepping meals you can’t go wrong with Kershaw. Kershaw makes a huge variety of knives made here in the United States. One of our favorites and one of the most versatile and economical is the LEEK but you really can't really go wrong with any of them. At $91.99 we think this is a fair price for the quality you get in this knife.

11. Rtic Cooler

An Rtic cooler sitting on a dock

Image source: Rtic

In the last few years, rotomolded coolers have become all the rage. They're more durable than anything else on the market and will keep your food and drinks cold in even the most extreme conditions.

If you're thinking, "how good a cooler really be?", then you obviously haven't tried one of these. There are several brands on the market these days but the best deal we can find seems to be at Rtic. Check out the 20 quart personal, it’s great for any occasion. When last checked, it could be picked up for $112.49. A good price for a great gift.

12. Solo Stove

Person cooking in the woods on a Solo Stove

Image source: Solo Stove

Knowing how to start a fire is an essential wilderness skill, but even seasoned outdoors people can appreciate the convenience of the Solo Stove. Their smokeless fire pits are compact, portable, and easy to light.

On our wish list is the Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit, which can burn with pellets or any hardwood you have on hand. It’s perfect for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs straight from the picnic table. Or, simply use it for that cozy campfire ambience while staying warm under the stars.

The Mesa Fire Pit sells for $90 (or upgrade to the XL for $110). Another fiery alternative from Solo Stove is the Titan Camp Stove ($89) which burns using just twigs and kindling.

13. Cliq Chair

A couple watching the sunset in their Cliq foldable camp chairs

Image source: Cliq

No matter where your outdoor life takes you, it's nice to be able to take a load off. The Cliq Chair offers comfort and packability. It is also very durable and surprisingly comfortable.

This amazing chair even folds down to the size of a water bottle and comes in three different styles. One great feature is that the fabric is removable and machine washable. As of this moment the chair is one sale for $95 with a regular price of $130 - which might seem like a lot for a regular camp chair - but this is not a regular camp chair.


Hopefully this list helped to give you some good ideas for gifting this year. We encourage you to support smaller, independent outdoor companies with high quality products. To find more cool companies, check out this list of cottage industry outdoor brands from SectionHiker.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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